The Dark Reavers Gaming Clan

The Dark Reavers are a UK & Ireland based gaming clan currently focused on World of Warcraft and Black Desert Online. Established in 1999, we have a long history and an abundance of experience in a wide range of games spanning multiple genres. Please visit the About page for more info and a detailed history.

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"Ownerise that Foetus"

[ Tue 28th Jul, 2009 @ 2:37pm ] by Insathius

A very busy week of games and news! We've had a spree of activity from all members. We played 5 matches on Tuesday last week, 3 wins against our old friends Arc and 2 losses against some random clans however a very positive night. We played very tactically and used all our players effectively; I felt we all came away with very good feelings about the way things were going.

We had a few more nights last week messing about on public, getting to know each other and working together as a team. Our last match was played last night, unscheduled which I was extremely happy to see despite it being a loss it was still good to enjoy ourselves.

Sketch and Tiger have formed their own clan outside of the community, whilst not really advisable in my opinion I'd still like to say they haven't left the clan they just want to take things to a new competitive level. I'd like to pass on my own wishes of good luck and hope they have all the best of success!

We have now got a new server with Killercreation… continue reading

Chibi Robo!

[ Tue 21st Jul, 2009 @ 3:33pm ] by Insathius

This week we've seen the first few days of the practices I scheduled last week, I must say they have been filling up quite nicely for the last bit of the month we have left.

Saturday was our first recruitment spree, Dark Reaver, I and a few others spent some time going through some public servers and we have got three new trialists to the clan! I'd like to formerly welcome Chippy, SHUG and Jammin to the clan!

We had lots of fun online and we got most of the new recruits set up on the clan website. We have had a couple of nights where we've ran into trouble getting some members onto ventrillo, please new recruits – find some time to get yourself onto ventrillo so you can start playing in matches. All the details you should need will be on the forums.

Games continue to rock on! I'd like to encourage all members to keep their eyes on the forums and the main site, the schedule will be updated at a monthly basis!


[ Wed 15th Jul, 2009 @ 3:06pm ] by Insathius

After a week of absenteeism I think I need to apologise to you all, I really should have announced at least I wouldn't have been online for a while. Sorry everyone! I think the recent lapse of activity is probably my fault. This is not a sign of the recent iteration of DkR ending, c'mon we need to be positive!!

I've been thinking its kind of easy to lapse into a series of inactivity due to our schedule really runs from week to week. I've decided to plan some definite day of 'practice' month by month, what the clan get's up to on these days is really up to the clan it is really just a night where there will definitely be people online within the clan playing the game. Here are a few things these days might involve all depending on level of participation;

• Random IRC match
• Playing on public servers (team stacking ofc)
• Strategy/Tactic discussions (i.e going through some different styles of play, tactics or strategy)
• Internal clan war

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The Heat Melted My Brain!

[ Tue 30th Jun, 2009 @ 9:55pm ] by Insathius

This week we've been working as a team on publics and through IRC, we've been focusing on voice communication and strategy following some suggestions from some of the clan. The results for each game have not been updated recently, of which we'll have to apologise for.

We have been forming little "buddy" groups within public to try and build our teamwork; Farrow and myself as well as Reaver have been working as a group which I've been enjoying thoroughly. We've been looking for flaws within our strategy and trying to vary the way we play and adapt to the enemies movements.

Indigo's scripts have been updated and they are ready for all those brave souls that dare use them. Sugar Plum has recently celebrated a birthday and should be coming back into full swing once her new rig is set up. Major_Malfunction has also celebrated his birthday and I swear, I will get out a special gift to him soon (check forums for details).

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The week of wins!

[ Tue 23rd Jun, 2009 @ 12:22pm ] by Insathius

We've had two official practice nights since my last update and 4 matches have been recorded on our results page.

Looks like we played GoT on Badlands; glad I wasn't a part of that match as I cannot stand that map at all – the capture points are far too open (apart from the last one) and there are too many ways for attacking forces to get to the points and screw you over; it's just way too hard to defend in my opinion. We prevailed against GoT and won 4 rounds to their 1, a nice win to add to the bag.

We also played 3 matches against aRc |, a clan we have battled before. First on Granary, an old favourite of mine; I think we've pretty much nailed the strategy down for this one and I enjoyed playing Soldier for the first time (without lagging). We then moved onto Fastlane – a map I have never really ever seen ever. I didn't really like the open middle point on Fastlane, it was far too difficult to defend or rally behind to attack again. We finally moved onto Well, a great classic map. Ou… continue reading