The Dark Reavers Gaming Clan

The Dark Reavers are a UK & Ireland based gaming clan currently focused on World of Warcraft and Black Desert Online. Established in 1999, we have a long history and an abundance of experience in a wide range of games spanning multiple genres. Please visit the About page for more info and a detailed history.

Latest News


Secrets of Ayanad

[ Thu 12th Mar, 2015 @ 8:50am ] by Omimace

The Secrets of Ayanad update to Archeage was a success, and more importantly a huge success for Dark Reavers. After over a month of planning we demolished the guild house in Auroria and moved it to the cliff tops of Diamond Shores. Guild members were able to grab lots of land around it and hold off enemy incursions into the area.

Thanks to yet more planning we had already stockpiled the resources necessary to complete construction of the new house, and as a result of a last minute idea we managed to get a group together and establish the first set of crafting benches in Diamond shores. This led to us having the guild house built in only a couple of hours - the first building built on the server.

We then went on to build several guild houses and farms and anyone wandering through the Diamond Shores housing area would have clearly seen the vast swathes of Dark Reavers territory. We had observers both friendly and hostile stop and observe all of our large houses and villas being complete… continue reading

Felling of Sirothe the Infernal

[ Tue 3rd Feb, 2015 @ 10:04pm ] by Omimace

For some time now the Dark Reavers have been working hard learning the mechanics of the rooms of Serpentis. We have beaten Lerman many times and have also started to take on Carmilla. This has been in no small part thanks to the support form other guilds, often letting our members join their raids or supplying our raids with some extra support when needed.

But now the time has come when we are regularly defeating Sirothe the Infernal with a full Dark Reavers Raid. We now have more people geared and familiar with the dungeons than we have slots available, and we are now bringing new fresh recruits and members into these dungeons to experience it and geet some epic loot. :)

Above is a picture of our latest raid downing Sirothe. Next stop for the Dark Reavers: "The Destruction of Dahuta".

Dark Reavers - Always a name never a number!!

Guild Mansion Up!

[ Fri 7th Nov, 2014 @ 8:15pm ] by Darkademic

After much preparation we managed to get our guild mansion up in Auroria. Thanks to all those who contributed, and to Terdle for being the point man for the project. The house is for the entire guild to use, but please make sure you're aware of the ground rules for it:

For anyone unaware, the house is located in north-east Nuimari.

New Guild Crest(s)

[ Sat 18th Oct, 2014 @ 6:29pm ] by Darkademic

Since our normal guild logo doesn't really fit with the aesthetic/environment of Archeage, Terdle decided to create a new crest. He found a really great design to use for the initial version and spent some time adjusting it to represent the guild. I've since developed the design further to make give it a more "DkR-ish" feel.

We've ended up with two versions which I'm happy to see being used interchangably depending what individual members prefer. I'm also happy for this to be the official [DkR] crest moving forwards.

Though it's gonna hurt for now, every ship must sail away..

[ Wed 1st Oct, 2014 @ 3:34pm ] by Hellgaunt

With just a small group we managed to strike gold when Team Butcher's ship was borded and sailed away with all their trade packs. A glorious moment for the ArcheAge guild and a job extremely well done by a few! The picture says it all!