This page lists the current members of [DkR] and links to their individual pages.

Clan Leaders

Username Joined CountryGames
Darkademic Sep 1999 United KingdomLoL ESO SC

Senior Officers

Username Joined CountryGames
Damo Mar 2012 United Kingdom-
Saviour Jul 2012 IrelandLoL
Toglos Feb 2012 United KingdomESO


Username Joined CountryGames
CrazyCrow Nov 2012 LuxembourgESO
Poison Aug 2012 United KingdomESO
Rob Mar 2012 United KingdomLoL ESO CS:GO

Core Members

Username Joined CountryGames
Ace_Rimmer Feb 2012 United Kingdom-
Ancient (Inactive) May 2012 United Kingdom-
Andy_Gravity Jul 2012 IrelandSC
Apolon Mar 2012 Serbia-
Aporia Oct 2007 Netherlands-
Ashrai (Inactive) Oct 2012 France-
Asi Feb 2012 Netherlands-
Azerra Apr 2012 United KingdomLoL ESO CS:GO
Bibidiboo Mar 2012 NetherlandsLoL CS:GO
blackice8r Apr 2012 United Kingdom-
Blackwing Jan 2013 LithuaniaCS:GO
BradDaMan Aug 2012 United KingdomLoL ESO
Bregor Aug 2012 NetherlandsLoL
Chiefslapaho (Inactive) Jun 2012 Germany-
ChrisJSY (Inactive) Jul 2012 United Kingdom-
Chuey May 2012 United KingdomWS
Consaii Feb 2012 United KingdomLoL ESO
CorkLike (Inactive) Apr 2012 Ireland-
Cr0ssfire Feb 2012 CyprusLoL WS
cuvelier Nov 2012 United KingdomCS:GO SC
d2m Aug 2012 United KingdomLoL
danielcoles1989 Aug 2012 United KingdomLoL ESO
Danny Sep 2012 United KingdomCS:GO
DaveTheBasha Apr 2012 United Kingdom-
DeanAdamFry Feb 2012 United KingdomWS
Decompose Jun 2012 PolandLoL
Demise (Inactive) Apr 2012 United Kingdom-
Demondim Apr 2012 United KingdomSC
Devlin1991 Apr 2012 United KingdomESO WS SC
Dispatchio Nov 2005 United KingdomLoL CS:GO
Djenga Feb 2013 TurkeyLoL ESO CS:GO
Dodger Mar 2012 United KingdomWS
Donkzy Jan 2012 United KingdomLoL ESO CS:GO
Douel Jun 2012 United KingdomLoL CS:GO
Drakie (Inactive) Jun 2012 Netherlands-
Dreadnaughtz Aug 2013 BelgiumCS:GO
EGboy Apr 2012 United Kingdom-
Elwarlord (Inactive) Sep 2012 United Kingdom-
elyan Feb 2012 Singapore-
Emmure Feb 2012 NetherlandsESO
Equinox Apr 2012 United Kingdom-
Eridan Mar 2012 United KingdomESO
evoke (Inactive) Jul 2012 United Kingdom-
FaRRoW Feb 2005 United Kingdom-
Felan23 Apr 2012 United KingdomESO
Fitton (Inactive) Oct 2012 United Kingdom-
Fozzies Feb 2013 United KingdomWS SC
Gallagher Oct 2012 Holy See (Vatican City State)LoL CS:GO
Gamblers_Luck Jan 2013 United KingdomLoL ESO
Gasper (Inactive) Apr 2012 Slovenia-
Grinn Apr 2012 BelgiumLoL CS:GO
Heavon Nov 2012 NetherlandsLoL
Hellgaunt Feb 2012 DenmarkWS
Indig0 Oct 2007 United Kingdom-
Insathius Sep 1999 United KingdomCS:GO
Jakaius (Inactive) Sep 2012 United Kingdom-
Jellyfist (Inactive) Jul 2012 United Kingdom-
Jobenson Feb 2012 FinlandLoL CS:GO
JoToBou Mar 2012 United KingdomLoL
Judgementt Aug 2012 United KingdomLoL CS:GO SC
Kansalis Aug 2012 United KingdomWS
KarmaComa Oct 2012 BelgiumESO
Kavs Oct 2012 IrelandCS:GO
Keefikus Feb 2012 United KingdomLoL CS:GO
KeniF Jan 2006 Hong Kong-
Khally Dec 2012 PortugalLoL
Khayla (Inactive) May 2012 United Kingdom-
Kirbo (Inactive) May 2012 Finland-
korrok Apr 2012 United KingdomESO
LegendarySteve Mar 2012 United KingdomLoL ESO
Lewey100 Aug 2012 United KingdomLoL CS:GO
Lexie Oct 2012 SwedenESO
Lirril Sep 2012 United KingdomLoL
Lobotnik Apr 2013 SwedenLoL WS
Lollipop Mar 2008 ChinaLoL
Lukkii Jul 2012 United KingdomLoL CS:GO
Lycan Mar 2012 United Kingdom-
Maelis Feb 2012 United Kingdom-
MajorMalfunktion Sep 2007 United Kingdom-
MAlandM May 2012 United KingdomLoL
Marewyn Dec 2012 NorwayLoL
meatspz Aug 2012 FinlandESO
Mhallett Mar 2012 United Kingdom-
Migglamesh Sep 2012 United KingdomLoL
Mikey Jun 2012 IrelandCS:GO
Misty Sep 2012 United Kingdom-
mixe (Inactive) Apr 2012 United Kingdom-
Monkeypooh Aug 2012 United KingdomESO
mufasa Apr 2012 FinlandCS:GO
murpo (Inactive) Jun 2012 United Kingdom-
nCode May 2012 SerbiaLoL
NickdeNick Mar 2012 United Kingdom-
NingoDinja Apr 2012 United KingdomESO
Norlan Sep 2012 United KingdomWS
Noupoi May 2012 United KingdomESO SC
Nuu (Inactive) May 2012 United States-
Oli May 2012 United Kingdom-
omphin May 2012 IrelandWS
Parquay Jan 2005 United KingdomCS:GO
Phuse Mar 2005 United Kingdom-
Quafe Jul 2012 NorwayWS
Rabar69 Mar 2012 United Kingdom-
Ravenear May 2012 PolandESO
Reaper May 2008 United Kingdom-
Reel Mar 2012 SwedenESO WS
Reznor Jun 2013 PortugalLoL
RichEdmonds Jan 2013 United KingdomLoL ESO CS:GO
Riggamorton Sep 2012 United KingdomLoL
Roadblock Apr 2012 Romania-
Rylanor Jun 2012 United KingdomESO WS
Sarabi (Inactive) Jun 2012 Netherlands-
SeventhSpyder Mar 2012 United KingdomLoL CS:GO
Shallain Sep 2012 NetherlandsCS:GO
Shyv Jan 2013 United KingdomWS
Sieg Sep 2012 United KingdomLoL
Sigyn Apr 2012 United KingdomLoL
Silpion Apr 2012 United Kingdom-
slonny (Inactive) Nov 2012 United Kingdom-
SnakeEvoke Apr 2012 Netherlands-
SonicTHI (Inactive) May 2012 Slovenia-
spankproof Jul 2012 United KingdomLoL
spanxie Jun 2012 United KingdomCS:GO
Steffari Jul 2012 IrelandESO CS:GO
Strike Sep 2012 United KingdomESO
Sugar May 2009 United Kingdom-
Tally May 2012 United KingdomLoL
Thib Mar 2013 United Kingdom-
Tratpan Apr 2012 United KingdomLoL
Tsu Feb 2012 United Kingdom-
Umrtvovacz Mar 2012 Czech Republic-
uTweaker Nov 2012 United KingdomCS:GO
Vi.Neomir Aug 2012 United KingdomESO
Vistix Jun 2012 NetherlandsESO SC
VoidInsanity Jul 2012 United KingdomSC
VonRavn Sep 2012 DenmarkLoL ESO CS:GO
wAcky_killA Mar 2012 Ireland-
WattsyJAW Mar 2012 Australia-
Whakapapa Aug 2012 United KingdomESO
Wookybear Jul 2012 United KingdomLoL CS:GO
Xenesthis Sep 2008 United KingdomESO
xenomorph013 Feb 2013 South Africa-
Xiomaro Feb 2012 United KingdomCS:GO
Yabsey Apr 2012 United KingdomESO
Yehenala Oct 2012 United KingdomESO
Zog0t Oct 2007 Netherlands-
Zooko (Inactive) Jul 2012 Denmark-

Full Members

Username Joined CountryGames
Ablack345 Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
aceadam Apr 2014 United KingdomESO SC
Adorra Mar 2014 IrelandESO
Agito (Inactive) Mar 2014 United Kingdom-
Aiuska Apr 2014 RomaniaESO
alexninjas Apr 2014 SwedenLoL ESO
alexrobinson281 Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Alkuzar (Inactive) Nov 2013 Netherlands-
Aloran (Inactive) Mar 2014 United Kingdom-
altanass Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Amsham Apr 2014 United KingdomLoL WS
anarkaya Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Anarmacil Apr 2014 FranceESO
Anathelyn Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Andaria May 2013 FinlandESO
Andy10r Apr 2014 United KingdomLoL ESO
Andytill Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
anime679 (Inactive) Oct 2013 Ireland-
Anwyle Apr 2014 SwedenESO
Aphen Feb 2014 United KingdomLoL
Arcaz Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Areo (Inactive) Mar 2014 United Kingdom-
Ashqaz Mar 2012 United Kingdom-
Ash_J Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Asurah Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Atomic May 2013 United KingdomLoL CS:GO
awampler91 Apr 2014 United StatesWS
axislip Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
azzah786 Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Bartie Apr 2014 PolandESO
Batesy Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Benjamin6455 Apr 2014 United KingdomLoL ESO
Billy Apr 2014 NetherlandsESO
Biocide (Inactive) Feb 2014 United Kingdom-
blackrosee69 Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
blajon Apr 2014 SwedenESO
BloodShard Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Blue_Demon (Inactive) Sep 2013 United Kingdom-
Blue_Lyrium Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Booken Apr 2014 SwedenESO
Braeker Mar 2012 United Kingdom-
Bramz Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
brolio (Inactive) Apr 2014 Norway-
Brute_Willis Feb 2014 United KingdomESO
Burnii Apr 2014 NorwayLoL ESO
caesar (Inactive) Mar 2014 Ireland-
calum37 Mar 2014 United KingdomLoL
Carepolice Mar 2014 PolandESO
Cebrail Apr 2014 DenmarkESO
Ceeb Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Chaes Apr 2014 FranceESO
Charlotte_Lily Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Chedric Apr 2014 NorwayESO
Chewitt Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
ChillyP Apr 2014 NorwayLoL ESO
ChorunNaari Apr 2014 SwitzerlandESO
chr Aug 2008 United Kingdom-
Chris Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Chunkyfunk Dec 2013 United KingdomESO CS:GO
Cockknocker Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Coffay (Inactive) Jul 2012 United Kingdom-
colsen91 Apr 2014 NorwayESO
Comanchero Apr 2014 BelgiumESO
CommanderJC Mar 2014 United KingdomLoL ESO
Connas Mar 2014 GermanyLoL ESO SC
Coogie Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Core Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
CoretTrobane Feb 2014 United KingdomWS
Couladin (Inactive) Oct 2012 Sweden-
Cowbender Apr 2014 United KingdomESO CS:GO
CrackedDeath Apr 2014 DenmarkESO
CrazyArsedMonkey Apr 2013 United KingdomCS:GO
createan Mar 2014 NetherlandsESO
critek Aug 2013 United KingdomLoL
Crouch (Inactive) Mar 2014 United Kingdom-
Crowers26 Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Cully Aug 2012 IrelandESO CS:GO
Curlix (Inactive) Mar 2014 Sweden-
Cybatross Apr 2014 SwedenESO SC
Cyclops Feb 2014 United KingdomLoL
Cymon Apr 2014 NetherlandsESO
Cypher Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Czanai (Inactive) Aug 2013 Australia-
Daegon Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Daerron Apr 2014 Russian FederationLoL ESO
DamaruS Mar 2014 United KingdomLoL CS:GO
Damopredator (Inactive) Aug 2013 United Kingdom-
dandan05 Mar 2014 United KingdomLoL ESO CS:GO
dannygoz9 Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Dante Apr 2012 United Kingdom-
dapadoupas Feb 2014 United KingdomESO
Darkgate Mar 2014 DenmarkESO
DarkGlad_TomB Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Dart Apr 2012 Switzerland-
Dawntreader561 Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
dedpahom Apr 2014 SwitzerlandESO
Demonbaby Sep 2012 IrelandESO
Demorgoth Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Deusinterfector Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
devious Feb 2014 United KingdomLoL
devize Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Donkey Mar 2014 RomaniaESO
Dookha Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
dr.Drogi Apr 2014 CroatiaESO
Drakes Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Drat Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
dreadier Apr 2014 IsraelESO
drewy Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
DrunkDemise Nov 2013 United KingdomCS:GO
Drutt Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Dwayne2k6 Apr 2014 United KingdomESO WS
Dyox (Inactive) Dec 2012 Portugal-
DYSwilson Jan 2014 United KingdomLoL CS:GO
Dyu01 Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Ectstein Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
EdBait Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Ellendriel Apr 2014 NetherlandsLoL ESO
elsweyr Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Elvira Apr 2014 NetherlandsESO
Emiercy Mar 2014 NetherlandsESO
Enlightened Apr 2014 ItalyESO
Epiksy Aug 2013 BelgiumLoL
Eraras Apr 2014 DenmarkESO
Erekmar Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Erunestaron Apr 2014 GermanyESO
esostar666 Apr 2014 SwedenESO
evertberg Apr 2014 NetherlandsESO
Fargusas Apr 2014 LithuaniaESO
Femta Oct 2012 BelgiumESO
flaming_yeti Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Fo0lish (Inactive) Mar 2014 United Kingdom-
Foreigner Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Foxhemlock Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
FraggyM Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
FragSkillz Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
FrankyGlorious Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Freya Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Frozen_Heaven (Inactive) Feb 2014 United Kingdom-
Funaki (Inactive) Mar 2014 Serbia-
gamingisbelievin Nov 2013 FinlandLoL
Garht Mar 2014 NetherlandsESO
Geemonster Apr 2014 United KingdomLoL ESO CS:GO
Ghin Mar 2014 NetherlandsESO
Giconi Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
GlassKnight Apr 2014 United KingdomLoL
GoA Mar 2014 NetherlandsLoL WS
Goodall Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Graorin (Inactive) Oct 2012 Belgium-
grappa77 Apr 2014 TurkeyESO
grimvex Oct 2013 BelgiumLoL CS:GO
Grizzles Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Groggen Jan 2014 SwedenLoL ESO CS:GO
gruwelman Sep 2013 NetherlandsCS:GO
gullapoglu Mar 2014 TurkeyESO
GunWarrior Apr 2014 FinlandESO
Ham Apr 2014 United KingdomESO WS
HappySacks Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Heck29 Apr 2014 GermanyESO
Heidarbrooks Apr 2014 IcelandESO
Heidon Apr 2014 ItalyESO
Herry (Inactive) Jan 2014 United Kingdom-
Hessen Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Howl Apr 2014 United KingdomSC
HuffHuff Feb 2014 United KingdomWS
iandickson Apr 2014 United KingdomESO SC
Ianthina Apr 2014 GermanyESO
Illuminatus Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Imperox Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
indeedhat (Inactive) Oct 2013 United Kingdom-
Infectus Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
IoCerberus Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
ioshilee Apr 2014 Russian FederationESO SC
Isaax Jan 2014 United KingdomLoL
isolarxgaming Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Jaay93 Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Jagged Mar 2014 DenmarkESO
jamie Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
JasonSnow Apr 2014 TurkeyESO
jaspergm Apr 2014 NetherlandsESO
jbutlerbelucky Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Jeffy Mar 2014 SwedenESO
Jennicat Mar 2012 United Kingdom-
Jeyekon (Inactive) Aug 2013 Belgium-
Jezal Apr 2014 SwedenESO
jimmins Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
JimmyT91 Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
jinak Apr 2014 BelgiumESO
JoeyB-1 Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Joncis Apr 2014 FranceESO
jones227 Feb 2014 United KingdomLoL
jossmanusa Apr 2014 United StatesESO SC
juraigr Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Jyura (Inactive) Feb 2014 Portugal-
Kameha Mar 2014 United KingdomWS
Karlax Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Karnnor Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Karvol Mar 2014 IrelandESO
Kermitthefrog3 Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Kilitar Apr 2014 Czech RepublicESO
knifax Mar 2014 PortugalESO
Korba (Inactive) Mar 2014 United Kingdom-
Kreugen Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Krienas Apr 2014 LithuaniaESO
KurdeN Apr 2014 SwedenLoL ESO
Kwakkers Mar 2014 United KingdomESO SC
kyibin (Inactive) Sep 2013 Belgium-
kylefreakiinowns Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Legaskimbo Apr 2014 IrelandESO
lethalh Feb 2014 United KingdomLoL
Lian Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Lionheart Feb 2014 United KingdomESO
Lizabo Sep 2012 United Kingdom-
LoganThackery Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Lollidragon Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
LondonHyena Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
lostsign Apr 2014 Russian FederationESO
Louie (Inactive) Jul 2013 United Kingdom-
LoveBigButts Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Loxias Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Lucy Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Ludvig (Inactive) Dec 2013 Sweden-
MacTheo Apr 2014 United KingdomESO SC
Mad.Shadow Apr 2014 RomaniaESO
Madbritt666 Mar 2014 United KingdomWS
magnull Jan 2014 NorwayLoL WS
MalevolentFiend Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
MallahLasVegas (Inactive) Aug 2013 United Kingdom-
Mantzface Jan 2014 United KingdomLoL
Marvin Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Mattzorick Apr 2014 United KingdomESO CS:GO
mcphee Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
MeggyMoo (Inactive) Mar 2014 United Kingdom-
Melkz0r Jan 2014 BelgiumCS:GO
Melmac Apr 2014 IrelandESO
Miistt123 Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Milky2507 Apr 2014 United KingdomLoL ESO CS:GO
Molek Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
momoaka Feb 2014 CroatiaLoL
Monkreadusuk Mar 2014 United KingdomWS
Morgan Jan 2014 United Kingdom-
Morydin Apr 2014 BulgariaESO
mrcrabcore Dec 2013 United KingdomWS
mrmiffo Apr 2014 SwedenESO
Murkblade Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Murmur (Inactive) Apr 2012 United Kingdom-
Musson327 Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Muto_kei Aug 2013 United KingdomLoL CS:GO
Neciz Apr 2014 SwedenESO
Nerrule (Inactive) Sep 2012 United Kingdom-
Niccix Apr 2014 SwedenESO
nidriks Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Nighthavien Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Nivorage (Inactive) Aug 2013 United Kingdom-
nonni13 Mar 2014 IcelandESO
Novastar Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Nowtdar (Inactive) May 2012 Norway-
nozpher (Inactive) Mar 2014 United Kingdom-
No_Sligg-ity Feb 2014 IrelandLoL ESO CS:GO
OB1Maxims (Inactive) Sep 2012 United Kingdom-
Ocelot (Inactive) Mar 2014 United Kingdom-
Ohz Apr 2014 NorwayESO
Opamees Mar 2014 FinlandESO
Ora (Inactive) Mar 2014 United Kingdom-
Ossen Apr 2014 PolandESO
pascalbout Feb 2014 United KingdomESO
Patsero Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Penguincat Apr 2014 NorwayESO
PeterTobin Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
PetraF35 Apr 2014 CroatiaESO
Pimpslic Apr 2014 NorwayESO
Pintea Apr 2014 RomaniaESO SC
pippinph Mar 2014 NetherlandsESO
Piscis Mar 2014 PortugalESO
Platesmasher Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
plmota Apr 2014 PortugalESO
Poent Apr 2014 SwedenESO
Portex Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Pride Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Prodominator Jul 2013 JordanLoL
Psionikman Mar 2014 United KingdomESO SC
PudgeFTW Jan 2014 United KingdomLoL
Quarios Apr 2014 French GuianaESO SC
rAceR (Inactive) Jul 2013 United Kingdom-
Rainu Apr 2014 FinlandWS
razorbyte Apr 2014 IndiaESO
realhamsalad Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Redeye Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
redmercy Apr 2014 SwedenESO
Relyz Apr 2014 GreeceESO
Remainday (Inactive) Dec 2013 Sweden-
RichieAndCo_Inc Feb 2014 IrelandESO CS:GO
Rippers Apr 2014 NorwayESO
Rizla06 Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Rolie Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Rollo Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Rozza Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Ruthio Feb 2012 United Kingdom-
RyTelford (Inactive) Apr 2012 United Kingdom-
Saika (Inactive) Sep 2013 United Kingdom-
Saiko Apr 2013 United KingdomSC
Samsonyte Aug 2013 United KingdomCS:GO
Sanner Apr 2014 GermanyESO
scar (Inactive) Apr 2014 United Kingdom-
Scarman75 Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Scroller Mar 2014 NorwayESO SC
Seigi Mar 2014 NetherlandsESO
Sempiternal (Inactive) Jul 2012 United Kingdom-
Serinate Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Serkadios Apr 2014 Czech RepublicESO
Sherkkan (Inactive) Jun 2012 Romania-
Shion (Inactive) Feb 2014 United States-
shoogalumps Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
sidoh Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
silver (Inactive) Apr 2013 Norway-
Simmo Jun 2013 United KingdomLoL
sindanar Mar 2014 SwedenESO
Sinestral Apr 2014 SwedenESO
SirDavis Apr 2014 United KingdomLoL ESO
SiRdD (Inactive) Mar 2014 Portugal-
SirGaia (Inactive) Apr 2012 Denmark-
Skrark Jan 2012 United Kingdom-
Slew Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
slidingback Apr 2014 IrelandESO
Smiteras Aug 2008 United Kingdom-
snakey2u Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Snokatin Aug 2012 United Kingdom-
Snowell Mar 2014 FinlandESO
Solarist Jul 2012 DenmarkLoL ESO
Sora Jan 2014 SerbiaLoL CS:GO
SorbP Mar 2014 SwedenLoL WS
soulseeker99 Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
spectre289 Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
steve Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Stiffrock Apr 2014 SwedenESO
StyleGuru Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
sustar Apr 2014 SloveniaESO
swtesoro Mar 2014 GermanyESO
Syl Jan 2014 United KingdomWS
Symatic Apr 2014 DenmarkESO
Syrustek23 Feb 2014 AustriaLoL
Tagger Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
tagi Apr 2014 NorwayESO
Taintedsoulx Dec 2013 United KingdomLoL
Talhar Mar 2014 BelgiumESO
Terdle Oct 2013 United KingdomLoL ESO CS:GO
terkel Apr 2014 DenmarkESO
ThatSwede Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
themau (Inactive) Dec 2013 Germany-
TheMooseOwns Apr 2014 DenmarkLoL ESO
TheSakumaDrops Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
timotomo94 Mar 2014 GermanyESO
TNT_Ostepop Mar 2014 NorwayESO
Tonheizer Sep 2013 IcelandCS:GO
Tophater Mar 2014 United StatesLoL
Totalgit (Inactive) May 2012 United Kingdom-
Traigos Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
TweakZone Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Twiggeh Mar 2014 SwedenESO
twumpets Apr 2014 GermanyESO
Tzosin Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Ugly_Bob Apr 2014 SwedenESO
Ultrin (Inactive) Apr 2013 Germany-
Urban (Inactive) Mar 2014 United Kingdom-
Vetrie Mar 2012 Slovenia-
Volkan Apr 2014 AustriaESO
Vortox Apr 2014 United KingdomLoL ESO
Vortrakk Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
Vulc Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
waffles_yo Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Walkerbait Jan 2014 United KingdomLoL
WallyB (Inactive) Apr 2014 United Kingdom-
Wappert Mar 2014 NetherlandsESO
Wastelands Aug 2012 United KingdomESO SC
Whitness Apr 2014 NetherlandsESO
Wight Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Wirephone Oct 2013 IrelandCS:GO
Xephens (Inactive) Apr 2013 Netherlands-
xHiImZapx Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
XLUKKINUMBER7X Mar 2014 United KingdomESO
XplosiveWood Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Zagel Apr 2014 United KingdomESO
Zarata Apr 2014 DenmarkESO
Zaxxon Jun 2013 United KingdomESO
Zeoste Apr 2014 United KingdomESO WS
Zerkan Apr 2014 SwedenESO
Zero Jan 2014 Ireland-
Zerol Apr 2014 GermanyESO
Ziggy (Inactive) Jul 2013 United Kingdom-
Zorky Apr 2014 IcelandESO WS
Zumilass Apr 2014 United KingdomESO

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