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The Dark Reavers are a UK & Ireland based gaming clan currently focused on World of Warcraft and preparing for Ashes of Creation. Established in 1999, we have a long history and an abundance of experience in a wide range of games spanning multiple genres. Please visit the About page for more info and a detailed history.

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It's too damned hot!

[ Tue 2nd Jun, 2009 @ 1:40pm ] by Insathius

Here ends the second week of [DkR], I promise I won't do that on all the updates lol.

With some minor updates to the game, including some snazzy new hats and the Sniper milestones being put back in the game has pretty much settled after the last major update.

I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest recruit [DkR] Sugar Plum; I'm looking forward to some future matches. Whilst we are still on the lookout for some new recruits the clan has been meeting fairly regularly on public servers and working on our skills. Whilst we have the game pretty much familiarized, our teamwork and general strategy is what we lack.

Whilst our tactician Indig0 furiously works away to get us sorted with some new and existing methods of ownage, I'd encourage everyone to keep their peepers open for any new recruits; even if you just write their name down and pass it onto a leader there is a chance we might strike gold.

Sniper vs Spy

[ Tue 26th May, 2009 @ 1:00pm ] by Insathius

Greetings and salutations! Most of you will know me as Dave, but I'm DarkWinter. Following our reformation of the Team Fortress 2 clan I am intending to keep the main blog up to date with updates of our progression, any issues and a few little snippets here and there.

Clan Updates
It's early days yet but recently most members have been getting back into the game after a long hiatus of play: Personally, I have been playing a lot of the Pyro class and using the new unlocked weapons to see how they incorporate into my play style.

We've been on our new Ventrilo server (details are on the forums) and playing around with the public to test our skills. Officer positions have been handed out, full descriptions can been seen on our forums but things seem to be shaping up quite nicely.

The server has been sorted out and seems to be running well with HLStatsX and a good looking front splash screen with all our information. We are currently working on recruitment, filling our ranks or blanks with c… continue reading


[ Wed 20th May, 2009 @ 2:54am ] by Darkademic

As anyone who is reading this probably knows, the clan has been dormant for quite a while now since the WAR guild died. However, once again a reformation is planned and a return to TF2 will be the first item on the new agenda.

I'm pleased to say DarkWinter will be making a long awaited return to help SoulRapture and myself run things.

I'm not sure which of the previous members will be returning for definite but hopefully over the next week or two we'll know how many new recruits we'll be needing. We had a game earlier this evening with 5 of us (myself, SoulRapture, DarkWinter, Indig0 and Sketch) which was good, and with a bit of effort we should be getting things going again really soon.

Anyone who is interested in participating in the new clan's activities please login to the site and update your profile with your rough availability times so I know what gaps we need to fill. If you can't remember your login then please ask me.


[ Wed 22nd Oct, 2008 @ 1:41am ] by Darkademic

Right the site hasn't been updated for ages because all the tools you need for organising members / events in WAR.. are in WAR, so the site wasn't particularly necessary.

After just over a month of WAR, I feel like [DkR] should at least partially move back to an FPS. WAR is fun, but I don't really want to spend all my time playing it and nothing else. Even if we just casually play another FPS that'd be nice.

TF2, COD4, Counter-Strike: Source. Those are the candidates as far as I can see.

Don't really know what direction to take.. in general. The WAR guild has become very inactive very suddenly. A week or two ago we had 20/30 people playing at any given time and plenty of chat going on, whereas now it's often just me, and a number of people have left to join BLOOD >_>.

Think TF2 is still my favourite FPS tbh. I dunno. Need some more thought. Message me with feedback.

Warhammer Online

[ Sun 31st Aug, 2008 @ 11:39am ] by Darkademic

Righto, due to the lack of interest in TF2 at the moment, I've decided to branch [DkR] out to Warhammer Online which is released on the 18th of September. Indig0 is already part of his guild Titans so he won't be joining us (though we will be allied with his guild), but hopefully anyone else in [DkR] who's at all interested in WAR will consider joining us on there. Myself, Jasmine, DarkWinter, Phuse and Reaper will definitely be there. I'm pretty sure SoulRapture will be joining us as well. Don't know if Sketch is convinced :P.

I'll ask the remaining members what their thoughts are on the game as well.

As for TF2, I don't know, I'm still going to play public and proudly wear my [DkR] tag :P We'll see if we can generate some more enthusiasm somehow, otherwise maybe recruit some more members. Either way I want to get some more out of TF2, we've only had maybe 30 matches, which is nothing compared to the 140 or so CS matches we had.