The Dark Reavers Gaming Clan

The Dark Reavers are a UK & Ireland based gaming clan currently focused on World of Warcraft and preparing for Ashes of Creation. Established in 1999, we have a long history and an abundance of experience in a wide range of games spanning multiple genres. Please visit the About page for more info and a detailed history.

Latest News


Beta Weekend #3

[ Fri 3rd Aug, 2012 @ 12:43pm ] by Darkademic

Bit of a delay getting this written, but here goes:

Beta weekend number three saw the return of active WvW thanks to the matchmaking system being fixed. The first matchup was poor as we faced Umbral Grotto and Gunnar's Hold, two of the newer and considerably less populated servers, leading to an easy domination over the course of Friday night.

On Saturday morning the next matchup pitted Desolation against Gandara and Vabbi, Gandara being the unofficial secondary UK server, and both of them being well populated. We began our offensive in Vabbi's borderlands where we secured the corner of the map around our waypoint, and proceeded to head north where we assaulted Dreaming Bay, the keep on the western edge of the map. Due to the servers only being recently rotated, we met little resistance and brought the gates and keep lord down with ease. Over the course of the day however, Vabbi became more and more determined to retake their keep, and we decided to take it upon ourselves to make sure … continue reading

Beta Weekend #2

[ Sat 16th Jun, 2012 @ 3:16pm ] by Toglos

After waiting very patiently for the weekend to arrive, we were rewarded with another outstanding experience roaming the spectacular world of Tyria. While many basked in the glory of Guild Wars 2, with its content raising the bar for the MMO genre and exceeding already high expectations, some felt disappointed, frustrated, or even angry due to a few major issues.

Our main concern was that some of our members were unable to join our server due to it being so heavily populated. Forced to join a new server called "Gunnar's Hold", they also had to create another guild so that they could play together due to a 100-member cap. In turn, this led to us having to make a decision as to whether [DkR] should move to a new server or remain on Desolation. After weighing up the options and consulting our allies for their opinions, we decided that it would cause more issues rather it would solve and we decided to stay put, at least for the time being.

With regards to WvW, many of us were very disappoi… continue reading

Beta Weekend #1

[ Sat 5th May, 2012 @ 1:28pm ] by Darkademic

What a weekend it was. As we all gathered on Mumble in the hours before the beta was scheduled to start, a voice suddenly said "I'm in". At first we thought it was a joke, but our initial scepticism turned into hysteria when another person said they were in, and then another, causing the rest of us to scramble to log into the game. Lo and behold, the beta had started well before it was supposed to and [DkR]'s epic journey into Tyria had begun.

The excitement was short lived, as server issues started cropping up and people were kicked out of the game, often unable to log back in again for hours at a time. Frustrating for sure, but once we finally got in, it was so worth the wait.

The starting zones were crammed full (as expected) so it wasn't long before large numbers of us hopped into WvW. Initially we were up against Vabbi and Sharp's Corner, and while we did dominate on Friday night, the lag and server stability issues meant that it wasn't until the following day that we really got s… continue reading

Beta Server Choice - Desolation

[ Wed 25th Apr, 2012 @ 5:10pm ] by Indig0

For the beta weekend events, assuming no further changes, we have chosen to roll on Desolation (EU).

It should be pointed out this is only our server choice for the beta period, and we will not necessarily be rolling on Desolation for the games release. This is simply so that all guild and community members know where we will be throughout the beta period, if they wish to come play with us.

Awards Updated for Guild Wars 2

[ Sun 18th Mar, 2012 @ 3:45am ] by Darkademic

The awards available to members have been updated for Guild Wars 2, and now include profession specific awards as well as awards related to keep assault and defence. All of the designs have been updated accordingly, and several new tiers of existing awards have been added.

I've also modified the awards system to allow medals to be awarded on a per-game basis. This means that members who were part of the previous incarnations of the clan will retain the medals they acquired through TF2 or CSS, whilst at the same time starting on equal terms with everyone else for GW2.

I'm extremely pleased with how the new awards look, as well as with the enhancements that have been made to existing awards.

Hopefully these awards will give members something to work towards, and will also serve as a permanent recognition of the skill and dedication of those who receive them.