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Announcement: Clan Rules

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All members of [DkR], including officers and the leaders themselves, must adhere to the following rules:

1. Ground Rules

1.1.) Interact with your guildmates. We do not accept members who just tag along for in-game perks or conveniences. Members who never involve themselves in the community will likely be removed. See also: Inactive Member Policy.

1.2.) Uphold [DkR]'s good name. Do not engage in any actions that are detrimental to our reputation. These include but are not limited to: malicious trolling in or out of game, verbal abuse of any other player, immature behaviour, using exploits/cheats, and violating a game's terms of use (e.g. illegitimately purchasing gold/items).

1.3.) Treat other members of [DkR] with respect. Rude, insulting, aggressive, or otherwise derogatory comments/behaviour will not be tolerated and we expect all members to maintain a constructive and positive attitude.

1.4.) Do not post or share any material which is knowingly false/defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law or contractual agreements (including intellectual property laws and non-disclosure agreements).

1.5.) Be mindful of the backgrounds, sensibilities and temperaments of other guild and group members before using language or discussing subjects which may be inappropriate; our members come from a wide range of cultures and age groups so please be considerate.

1.6.) Respect the chain of command. While in game, leaders should be allowed to lead without being asked to justify their actions. You are encouraged to supply leaders with information that might help them to make decisions, but once a decision has been made you must accept it. Constructive criticism should be saved for an appropriate time after the fact. Concerns about a leader's behaviour or attitude should be taken directly to someone with a higher rank than the leader in question.

1.7.) Ensure you are registered on the website/forums and visit regularly. This is important, as the website is the only way we can accurately track which members are active.

1.8.) Make use of voice communications and have a working microphone if you are representing [DkR] in competitive play or in high-level coordinated activities (e.g. raids). Using voice communications is not a requirement elsewhere, but not using it means missing out on the guild's primary method of communication and group leaders cannot be expected to repeat themselves in text.

1.9.) If you sign up for an event that has specific start/end times, make sure you arrive on time and remain for the full duration. Always let us know if you are unable to attend an event for which you signed up, preferably well in advance. This does not apply to mass events where specific numbers or individuals are non-essential.

1.10.) If you opt into events which require knowledge of tactics or other kinds of preparation (e.g. raids), make sure you understand what's expected and meet the stated requirements.

1.11.) Do not speak or act on behalf of the guild or make "official" claims/statements without permission to do so.

2. Forum Rules

2.1.) While debate and discussion is encouraged, we will not tolerate rudeness, insults, personal attacks or trolling. Trolling is defined as posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response, or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. Offending posts will be removed without notice and members will be warned, suspended or banned depending on the severity of a particular violation.

2.2.) Unauthorised advertising and spamming are forbidden and will be deleted (ask me directly if you want to post relevant promotional material).

2.3.) Each member is allowed one account. Registering with multiple accounts is not allowed.

2.4.) Post new threads in an appropriate category, forum and, if applicable, subforum.

2.5.) Stay on topic. If a thread starts to go off on a tangent, start another thread to accommodate the new subject matter. Try not to post duplicate content. We reserve the right to move threads if they are posted in the wrong forum, or merge new threads into existing ones when they have identical subject matter.

2.6.) Do not post meaningless or one-word threads/responses (unless a one-word response is really all that is required to answer a question). This rule does not apply to the Non-Discussion sub-forum which is specifically for unrelated snippets of content.

3. TeamSpeak Rules

3.1.) You need to be a conversationally fluent English speaker.

3.2.) Your name in TeamSpeak must match the name you use on the forums to prevent confusion.

3.3.) Use push-to-talk unless you can guarantee a complete lack of unwanted noise when using another activation method. Members causing disruption due to background noise will either be muted or moved to a muted channel.

3.4.) Be aware of which channel you are in. If you are using TeamSpeak to coordinate in-game, make sure you are in an appropriate channel as other people won't want to hear about a game they aren't involved in. Conversely, if people are using a channel to coordinate in-game, don't join their channel to start irrelevant conversations or make random comments (channels dedicated to specific closed activities such as dungeons, raids or matches should be treated as "do not disturb").

3.5.) All channels not under "Private Rooms" should be regarded as completely open/public, and may be monitored by Officers for anything inappropriate or disruptive.

3.6.) While guests are allowed on TeamSpeak, each member is responsible for the behaviour of their guests (meaning you must make sure they follow the rules, and if they are causing trouble you must find someone who is able to remove them).

3.7.) As with other methods of communication (see 1.3 and 2.1), rudeness, insults, or personal attacks will not be tolerated. For a first offense you will be kicked from TeamSpeak. Further offenses will result in a TeamSpeak ban, and possible removal from [DkR] depending on the severity.

3.8.) Please try to avoid talking over people. If you are talking over people to the point it becomes disruptive (e.g. if a leader is trying to give instructions) you may be moved to another channel.

3.9.) If someone is irritating you, but they're not actually breaking any rules or being malicious, do not rage at them, simply right-click them and mute them.

4. In-Game Rules

4.1.) In games where there's a guild bank, only withdraw items you will actually use, and try to give back items of roughly equivalent value. Do not remove items for the sole purpose of selling/vendoring.

4.2.) Keep WTB/WTS messages out of guild chat. Guild chat may be used for offering items for free or asking if anyone has a specific item to trade, but sell offers/price negotiation should be restricted to private messages or guild/global auction houses.

4.3.) Do not rip guild members off with extortionate prices (this should go without saying).

Vigilance Encouraged

Officers/leaders can't be omnipresent, so please don't hesitate to report other members for breaking the rules, especially the more serious ones. You can report members via the main roster (the little red exclamation mark button next to each member's name). If applicable, it'd also be useful to have relevant screenshots which you can send to Darkademic via PM.