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Oculus Rift


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#1 Donkzy

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Posted 22 October 2013 - 02:56 pm

Right been looking in to this for about 10 minutes and WOW, just WOW. I realize I may be a bit slow in noticing this :P 




Its a 3d headset, which I had heard about, but didn't really think they were anywhere near as far with the whole concept but it seems like their are quite a few games in development. Anybody had a chance to use one of these bad boys, or am I getting caught up in the sales pitch hype. 


Now I know you all like your simulators (Farm simulator etc), so here is a video of somebody playing Eurotruck Simulator 2 with Oculus headset, I can't help but think that that would be amazining




Please discuss what you lot think, and any more cool stuff about it

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#2 Xiomaro

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Posted 22 October 2013 - 03:52 pm

Haha yeah I've heard a lot about the Oculus Rift. I just think it's a gimmick. I have a strong feeling that the picture quality will be poor, controls will be pretty bad for most stuff (someone played CS with it and said it kinda hurt to "aim with your neck" hahaha).


I can see how this would be good for Eurotruck - looks pretty realistic and intuitive. The Oculus Rift seems like it may even be BETTER than a regular screen for that particular game. But it's an awfully expensive toy for playing just a handful of games. I'd guess that it'll be best for Simulators - which a lot of people are into! But for RPGs, FPS, RTS, Action/Adventure, Sports and pretty much any other popular game genre, it's just going to be cumbersome and the novelty will wear thin very very fast.

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#3 cuvelier

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Posted 22 October 2013 - 04:00 pm

So a friend of mine actually has a pair and i tried it while I was with him in Amsterdam.. Its fucking amazing. Xio is right about the picture quality.. but its really easy to forgive. One of the biggest issues is motion sickness, I don't get motion sickness or anything, but a friend of mine who also had ago could only take it for a few minutes but had to stop cos he felt sick.


Now the guy who owned programmed his own app for it, like a demo of being in a space shuttle taking you around some planets an looking down at your own legs then looking up to look at a sun glaring at you was incredible, but he said that he had a go on the prototype HD versions and said that would be something to look out for. I'll certainly be getting a pair when the consumer version is released.


I'd be eager to hear what other peoples experiences were!

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