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OpenRA: Combined Arms

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Posted 03 February 2020 - 09:06 am

On the off chance that anyone missed it on Discord, I've been playing a lot of OpenRA (Combined Arms mod) with a group of friends.


OpenRA being an open source engine built to allow the recreation of the original Command & Conquer games (other games can also be built on it).


The Combined Arms mod essentially fuses C&C Tiberian Dawn and C&C Red Alert, so you can play as Nod, GDI, Soviets or Allies, and also adds lots of new units and features.


Can be downloaded here: https://www.moddb.co...r-combined-arms


I've been helping out with the mod, doing tons of balance testing and some AI improvements, and I've made a load of maps for it.


It's hella fun to play, and runs on OSX and Linux as well as Windows. Doesn't even need to be installed, you can just download a portable version.


Sometimes we just do games vs AI. Can be very tough, and often ends up being like tower defense where there's just swarms of enemies coming at you.










So yea, if anyone's interested in joining our little crew (currently maybe 8-10 of us that play regularly), let me know.

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