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[ Wed 15th Jul, 2009 @ 3:06pm ] by Insathius

After a week of absenteeism I think I need to apologise to you all, I really should have announced at least I wouldn't have been online for a while. Sorry everyone! I think the recent lapse of activity is probably my fault. This is not a sign of the recent iteration of DkR ending, c'mon we need to be positive!!

I've been thinking its kind of easy to lapse into a series of inactivity due to our schedule really runs from week to week. I've decided to plan some definite day of 'practice' month by month, what the clan get's up to on these days is really up to the clan it is really just a night where there will definitely be people online within the clan playing the game. Here are a few things these days might involve all depending on level of participation;

• Random IRC match
• Playing on public servers (team stacking ofc)
• Strategy/Tactic discussions (i.e going through some different styles of play, tactics or strategy)
• Internal clan war

I think the strategy/tactic point might be a bit controversial but this would purely be just running through some different ways our team could group up and capture points or even just running through different tactics in our little groups.

At the very least I can say I'll be putting up at least x2 nights a week for these practices, I will be on random nights as well but these practices are purely nights players can be sure to get a piece of the action.

Our Gameservers account has now been flagged for cancellation, please could you all have a look on the forums at the thread for suggesting a new provider – we need your input to make a good decision! I would like to see a lot more suggestions up there!! I've decided that once our TF2 server runs out, our Ventrillo server will be held with a separate company than our current server provider, whichever one it may be. There are a few reasons behind this; a couple well for one I have a coupon code for the company hosting the Ventrillo service and for another we tend to go through different service providers for the games we play and I'm pretty sure people are sick of changing details. Since I've decided this, the Ventrillo service is something I'll be funding directly any contributions made toward the clan will goto the game server only.

I've also posted this news up on the forums as I don't think all players read the blog. I'd like to finish out by apologising again and hope to give some of you a good thrashing online pretty soon! (That's what she said).