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Chibi Robo!

[ Tue 21st Jul, 2009 @ 3:33pm ] by Insathius

This week we've seen the first few days of the practices I scheduled last week, I must say they have been filling up quite nicely for the last bit of the month we have left.

Saturday was our first recruitment spree, Dark Reaver, I and a few others spent some time going through some public servers and we have got three new trialists to the clan! I'd like to formerly welcome Chippy, SHUG and Jammin to the clan!

We had lots of fun online and we got most of the new recruits set up on the clan website. We have had a couple of nights where we've ran into trouble getting some members onto ventrillo, please new recruits – find some time to get yourself onto ventrillo so you can start playing in matches. All the details you should need will be on the forums.

Games continue to rock on! I'd like to encourage all members to keep their eyes on the forums and the main site, the schedule will be updated at a monthly basis!