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[DkR] in Black Desert Online

[ Sat 27th Feb, 2016 @ 8:34am ] by Demondim

With the EU launch of BDO only a week away, we’re pleased to announce a good starting force of DkR members will be playing and experiencing everything the game has to offer. There’s pretty much something for everyone in the beautiful world of BDO, from grinding mobs and questing, to exploring the world and all the lore it has to offer, as well as fishing, crafting, trading, guild wars, PvP, node wars, castle sieges, housing, and even horse taming and breeding with its own trading marketplace. We shall experience all of the above, and more. But while we may not be the hardcore, full on PvP guild that some other guilds strive for, we will certainly have plenty of fun, and enjoy the game and each others company in our journey through the world and into end game content. Looking forward to the adventure with you all.