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[DkR] Teaming up with Goodfellas for Albion Online

[ Thu 6th Jul, 2017 @ 12:11pm ] by Grinn

A large vibrant community like [DkR] is always on the lookout for the next MMO. A small number of people has been interested in Albion Online since the release of beta in 2015. The game lends itself to excellent group play in about every aspect of the game. It became clear during the beta that a bigger group could have a positive impact on the Albion experience. That is why we went searching for a like-minded guild to join forces for this specific game. We are happy to report that come release, we will be fighting and crafting under the guild banner of Goodfellas!

A friendly guild, started specifically for Albion Online, with a motto that we can all get behind: Play the game your way. With a suprising level of organisation for launch and beyond, this guild makes it easy to join the community with Discord as their main source of communication. With about 50 core members (and growing), they have the diversity that is needed in Albion Online. Pve, PvP, Crafters and Farmers are treated alike and work well together. 

If you want to join them, simply go to the website and apply! We will see you in Discord for release discussion and planning. And of course, on the 17th of July for the release of Albion Online.