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[DkR] Ashes of Creation Guild

[ Sat 6th May, 2017 @ 4:45pm ] by Darkademic

[DkR] is now looking towards delving into Ashes of Creation, an MMO that has recently built up a lot of hype with a very successful Kickstarter.

The game has been on our short-list for a little over two months of possible MMOs to look into over the next couple of years, and it had the highest number of votes by a fair margin. On that basis, the plan is to gradually build up our roster for the game while looking at other titles in the mean-time, since it's quite a long way off.

I've launched theĀ Ashes of Creation Guildex site as well, with the hope of replicating the success of the very first Guildex for GW2 which has had almost 10,000 guilds registered on it.