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DkR WildStar Guild

[ Sun 5th May, 2013 @ 6:08pm ] by Darkademic

[DkR] will officially be expanding into WildStar upon release (due 2013). We've opened recruitment for the MMO and will be accepting players who wish to join us in WildStar.

The MMO actually took many of us by surprise, what with it being in development for at least a couple of years already and not many of us knowing of its existence, but it has quickly generated a lot of interest amongst existing [DkR] members, even more so than Elder Scrolls Online which has a much larger following in the gaming community.

After playing Guild Wars 2 since the first beta weekend, we're very much looking forward to a change of scenery which offers a variety of endgame content catering to larger groups, something which GW2 unfortunately still lacks. We'll be getting stuck into all of the endgame content WildStar has to offer, including raids, warplots, battlegrounds and arenas.

We haven't decided on a faction yet, with significant numbers voting for both of them. We'll hold off on a decision until the final two races are revealed, and until we have more information on the pros and cons of both sides.