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Early Birds: Day One

[ Wed 6th Feb, 2013 @ 1:34pm ] by omphin

Early Birds - 6th Feb 2013 - 6am to 11am

We tested the reaction of the Vizunah Square defense on Vizunah Borderlands. Our first attacks were catapults at the back of Bluebriar and a ram at the front for the second attempt; the enemy quickly built arrow carts and destroyed our siege. We then built a single catapult to take Bluebriar from the large boulder south-west of it. When the gate and wall were at about 25% we were stormed by about fifteen to twenty VS players. Naturally we wiped, being outnumbered three to one.

We then ran around the map to downgrade the enemy supply camps and also took the quaggan to use as cover for an attack on the Bay keep's water entrance. The outer wall was at about 1% HP by the time twenty Vizunah ran around the corner from the Garrison and wiped us for a second time. We had another attempt at taking Bluebriar with a catapult before we decided to build two golems. At this point a few randoms showed up which activated the Siegemaster. Using the randoms, the Siegemaster, and our golems, we took Bluevale and built a trebuchet and some defenses.

It wasn't long before Vizunah showed up in big numbers again to stop our progress. We knocked down the Bay's outer walls with the trebuchet and they swarmed Bluevale supply camp and built a treb there to attack ours. Eventually they assaulted Bluebriar and took it back. We fought from 6am until 11am but made little progress due to our lack of numbers, however we pulled the enemy from other maps to focus on us maybe five or six times. Vizunah only kept a skeleton crew on their own Borderlands which would then call for reinforcements when we made progress.

What can we learn from this? If we can get the numbers we could easily take the Bay and Bluebriar on Vizunah Borderlands, but you have to be fast as they signal for reinforcements on their open voice coms that pugs use. We need to have the same system. Also, the Early Bird numbers need to grow and become consistent.

Special thanks to:

The Mufasa
Lograr Proudfist
Zoe Heartwood

The First of the Early Birds