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Felling of Sirothe the Infernal

[ Tue 3rd Feb, 2015 @ 10:04pm ] by Omimace

For some time now the Dark Reavers have been working hard learning the mechanics of the rooms of Serpentis. We have beaten Lerman many times and have also started to take on Carmilla. This has been in no small part thanks to the support form other guilds, often letting our members join their raids or supplying our raids with some extra support when needed.

But now the time has come when we are regularly defeating Sirothe the Infernal with a full Dark Reavers Raid. We now have more people geared and familiar with the dungeons than we have slots available, and we are now bringing new fresh recruits and members into these dungeons to experience it and geet some epic loot. :)

Above is a picture of our latest raid downing Sirothe. Next stop for the Dark Reavers: "The Destruction of Dahuta".

Dark Reavers - Always a name never a number!!