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Guild Wars 2 Recruitment

[ Wed 8th Jun, 2011 @ 4:03pm ] by Darkademic

I've decided to start recruiting early for Guild Wars 2. Since the game looks so damn awesome (see my blog for more information), I want [DkR] to become a strongly competitive guild on it. We'll primarily focus on PvP, so we'll need a balanced core group of skilled players. At the moment we have 5 current members that are definitely going to be playing GW2, but I expect that to increase to maybe 8. I don't want to recruit just anyone; ideally I want a smallish guild of 20-30 decent players. It'll be quality over quantity, unless the guild system rewards having a large number of members significantly more than having a smaller number.

I've revamped the site to make it compatible with Guild Wars 2. The main change is the ability to add "identities", which for Guild Wars 2 means characters. Members can add multiple characters and then when they sign up to events they can sign up with a specific character. If any current members know for sure what class they'll be playing as their main then feel free to add it via "manage identities" in the member options menu.