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Hearthstone Clan League

[ Thu 19th Dec, 2013 @ 10:29am ] by Grinn

It is an exciting time to be a guild member. Not only are more members getting involved on mumble, there is more activity on the forums and a wild variety of games are being played together. With the wait for the next big thing, this community shines with the ability to pick up a game and play together with the same tenacity as we were conquering Stonemist Castle. Competitive games like League of Legends and Counterstrike: GO are being played on a daily basis with the odd co-op game thrown in the mix.

It will come to no surprise that the interest in Blizzards entry in the Collectible Card Game scene has been high. Coming out with the free to play model, launching early next year and open beta announced for December-January, the rage for closed beta keys has been insane to say the least. With the recent influx of guild members in Hearthstone, many were interested in a more competitive environment. That is why we decided to organize our very own Clan League. Ten people signed up to duke it out with their best decks. The rules were simple: all players could register three decks to play with. Like at Blizzcon, the player who loses the round has to pick another deck. Once all his decks are eliminated, he lost the match. Tournament itself was four rounds of Swiss to make sure everybody got to play at least four matches. The tournament started on November 30th and ended on December 18th.

View the tournament with the final scores and results here

During the tournament, even more players got beta keys and interest has peeked significantly. Needless to say that the next iteration is already being worked on and will be bigger and better! With the holidays coming up, we anticipate that the next big tournament will be held 1 week after open beta launches. In one week, people who never had access before can unlock the needed cards and gain some experience playing the game.

Big thanks to everyone who participated. Thanks for the laughter, the sportsmanship and most of all: the epic matches!