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It's too damned hot!

[ Tue 2nd Jun, 2009 @ 1:40pm ] by Insathius

Here ends the second week of [DkR], I promise I won't do that on all the updates lol.

With some minor updates to the game, including some snazzy new hats and the Sniper milestones being put back in the game has pretty much settled after the last major update.

I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest recruit [DkR] Sugar Plum; I'm looking forward to some future matches. Whilst we are still on the lookout for some new recruits the clan has been meeting fairly regularly on public servers and working on our skills. Whilst we have the game pretty much familiarized, our teamwork and general strategy is what we lack.

Whilst our tactician Indig0 furiously works away to get us sorted with some new and existing methods of ownage, I'd encourage everyone to keep their peepers open for any new recruits; even if you just write their name down and pass it onto a leader there is a chance we might strike gold.