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"Ownerise that Foetus"

[ Tue 28th Jul, 2009 @ 2:37pm ] by Insathius

A very busy week of games and news! We've had a spree of activity from all members. We played 5 matches on Tuesday last week, 3 wins against our old friends Arc and 2 losses against some random clans however a very positive night. We played very tactically and used all our players effectively; I felt we all came away with very good feelings about the way things were going.

We had a few more nights last week messing about on public, getting to know each other and working together as a team. Our last match was played last night, unscheduled which I was extremely happy to see despite it being a loss it was still good to enjoy ourselves.

Sketch and Tiger have formed their own clan outside of the community, whilst not really advisable in my opinion I'd still like to say they haven't left the clan they just want to take things to a new competitive level. I'd like to pass on my own wishes of good luck and hope they have all the best of success!

We have now got a new server with Killercreations, which is almost up and running there is just a slight problem with the slot allocation – for some reason we have 25 slots…lol. I am still working on us getting our permanent Ventrillo home but for the time being we'll keep with the Gameservers one as it'll still be up and running for a while yet.

I'm in the process of putting up next month's game schedule, I'd like to just remind everyone that there won't be any news update (Oh noes!) next week as I'm off to school for a week to start off my new Computer Design course. Games will start again on the 12th (ones with me in it anyway). I would still encourage people to arrange ones out of schedule or feel free to schedule their own.

Dark Reaver has been a bit busy of late with his own work however will be returning to the scene and has already made an alteration to the site with the schedule letting people sign up as reserves.

As always, keep your eyes on the forums and keep signing up to practices – I'm looking forward to playing our old friends NuB tonight and hope that things go well!