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[ Wed 20th May, 2009 @ 2:54am ] by Darkademic

As anyone who is reading this probably knows, the clan has been dormant for quite a while now since the WAR guild died. However, once again a reformation is planned and a return to TF2 will be the first item on the new agenda.

I'm pleased to say DarkWinter will be making a long awaited return to help SoulRapture and myself run things.

I'm not sure which of the previous members will be returning for definite but hopefully over the next week or two we'll know how many new recruits we'll be needing. We had a game earlier this evening with 5 of us (myself, SoulRapture, DarkWinter, Indig0 and Sketch) which was good, and with a bit of effort we should be getting things going again really soon.

Anyone who is interested in participating in the new clan's activities please login to the site and update your profile with your rough availability times so I know what gaps we need to fill. If you can't remember your login then please ask me.