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Rift & Guild Wars 2

[ Mon 28th Feb, 2011 @ 2:25pm ] by Darkademic

[DkR] is finally returning, firstly as a Rift guild, currently being led by Phuse, and down the line as a Guild Wars 2 guild (which will become the main focus). Phuse is currently recruiting members on the Cloudborne server (Defiant). I intend to make changes to the site to make it more MMO applicable (I previously made it so that members could list their characters, so I might do something along those lines).

We also have a new mumble server up. It's currently 50 slot which should be enough for now.

Hopefully the Rift guild will be successful, but it really depends on whether Rift itself is successful. If it's anything like Warhammer Online we may lose all our members very quickly if there's a mass exodus from the game.

We'll also be making our presence felt in Diablo 3 when it's released, which many believe will be late this year.

No FPS activity for the time being.