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Secrets of Ayanad

[ Thu 12th Mar, 2015 @ 8:50am ] by Omimace

The Secrets of Ayanad update to Archeage was a success, and more importantly a huge success for Dark Reavers. After over a month of planning we demolished the guild house in Auroria and moved it to the cliff tops of Diamond Shores. Guild members were able to grab lots of land around it and hold off enemy incursions into the area.

Thanks to yet more planning we had already stockpiled the resources necessary to complete construction of the new house, and as a result of a last minute idea we managed to get a group together and establish the first set of crafting benches in Diamond shores. This led to us having the guild house built in only a couple of hours - the first building built on the server.

We then went on to build several guild houses and farms and anyone wandering through the Diamond Shores housing area would have clearly seen the vast swathes of Dark Reavers territory. We had observers both friendly and hostile stop and observe all of our large houses and villas being completed long before most guilds had even worked out how or where they were going to get theirs constructed.

We are even getting requests now from other guilds to grant them access to our workbenches and get defensive support so they can catch up!

We already have members with the new obsidian weapons, and last night we had members at level 53 (this also has probably been surpassed since I went offline).

During the Diamond Shores opening we had 52 Dark Reavers logged into the game. For the completion of the guild house we had around 15 helping with construction and then had many drop what they were doing to turn up for guild photos at the new guild house location (see above).