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[ Wed 22nd Oct, 2008 @ 1:41am ] by Darkademic

Right the site hasn't been updated for ages because all the tools you need for organising members / events in WAR.. are in WAR, so the site wasn't particularly necessary.

After just over a month of WAR, I feel like [DkR] should at least partially move back to an FPS. WAR is fun, but I don't really want to spend all my time playing it and nothing else. Even if we just casually play another FPS that'd be nice.

TF2, COD4, Counter-Strike: Source. Those are the candidates as far as I can see.

Don't really know what direction to take.. in general. The WAR guild has become very inactive very suddenly. A week or two ago we had 20/30 people playing at any given time and plenty of chat going on, whereas now it's often just me, and a number of people have left to join BLOOD >_>.

Think TF2 is still my favourite FPS tbh. I dunno. Need some more thought. Message me with feedback.