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The [DkR] Division

[ Mon 7th Mar, 2016 @ 10:41pm ] by Grinn

[DkR] is gearing up for the global release of The Division. The RPG from Massive Entertainment set in the Tom Clancy universe boosts a (non-zombie) post-apocalyptic story where society has fallen in disarray as a result of a biological terrorist attack. It is up to the now awakened Division agents to restore order and find out the source of the attack. The elements in this game allow for some great team play, be it in the missions on various difficulty or the unpredictable Dark Zone and it's many dangers!

We have a small  dedidacted group that will be playing The Division from launch day onward. We are looking forward to exploring the vastness of New York and find out the root of the terrorist attack. And with are background in survival games like Rust, H1Z1, Dayz and Ark: Survival Evolved, we are going to be a roaming force in the Dark Zone. Rogue agents or Rogue hunters? Who knows...

Interested? Join our community through the active forums and Teamspeak 3 server.