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Warhammer Online

[ Sun 31st Aug, 2008 @ 11:39am ] by Darkademic

Righto, due to the lack of interest in TF2 at the moment, I've decided to branch [DkR] out to Warhammer Online which is released on the 18th of September. Indig0 is already part of his guild Titans so he won't be joining us (though we will be allied with his guild), but hopefully anyone else in [DkR] who's at all interested in WAR will consider joining us on there. Myself, Jasmine, DarkWinter, Phuse and Reaper will definitely be there. I'm pretty sure SoulRapture will be joining us as well. Don't know if Sketch is convinced :P.

I'll ask the remaining members what their thoughts are on the game as well.

As for TF2, I don't know, I'm still going to play public and proudly wear my [DkR] tag :P We'll see if we can generate some more enthusiasm somehow, otherwise maybe recruit some more members. Either way I want to get some more out of TF2, we've only had maybe 30 matches, which is nothing compared to the 140 or so CS matches we had.