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The Dark Reavers are a UK & Ireland based gaming clan currently focused on World of Warcraft and preparing for Ashes of Creation. Established in 1999, we have a long history and an abundance of experience in a wide range of games spanning multiple genres. Please visit the About page for more info and a detailed history.

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Guild Wars 2 Open Beta & 2012 Release Confirmed

[ Thu 26th Jan, 2012 @ 5:06pm ] by Darkademic

Finally it is upon us. A few days ago, Mike O' Brien—founder and president of ArenaNet—made a blog post heralding the year of the dragon and confirming that Guild Wars 2 will be released later this year.

The post also includes details of the beta events that will be held for GW2. Selected press will be granted access to the beta in February, and then in March/April access will be ramped up so that many players will be able to test the game out.

Mike purposefully avoided using the term "open beta" because unlike many MMOs released over the past few years, GW2 will not have a fully open beta. I think this is a wise decision, as the open betas held by previous games haven't really been beta tests at all, but rather an opportunity to play the game before it's released. ArenaNet's approach means that they actually want to use the beta events for testing the game and identifying any issues that need working out prior to release.

Needless to say, this is exciting news, and I personally didn't… continue reading

Guild Wars 2 Recruitment Update #1

[ Thu 19th Jan, 2012 @ 2:37am ] by Darkademic

Just a quick update; since uploading the recruitment video and posting advertisments on various GW2 forums, I've received 13 applications, 7 of which have been successful so far. Welcome to our new members Prixo, Donkz, Drake6666, Etalith, Heartless, Tyskie and Keldonlighthand - looking forward to some epic gaming sessions in the not too distant future.

We'll continue reviewing new applications as they come in; I'm being quite selective - we don't want just a long list of people who are going to disappear or have little to no interaction with the rest of the clan/guild.

Guild Wars 2 Recruitment Video

[ Tue 27th Dec, 2011 @ 11:18pm ] by Darkademic

I've just completed the new DkR recruitment video for Guild Wars 2. I'm really happy with it; hopefully it'll drive some traffic our way and intice some folks to sign up. The game might be a while away still, but from the looks of things it's going to be a huge hit and I want DkR to be there in force right from the start. I'm not sure if I'll make an equivalent movie for Diablo 3, as it won't really require the same levels of recruitment, but I might just do it for fun.

Some time after Guild Wars 2 is released, when we have a solid core membership, I'll make a new Guild Wars 2 video which goes through all the members as I've done in the past, using in-game footage rather than trailer footage. Anyway, enjoy!

Guild Wars 2 Recruitment

[ Wed 8th Jun, 2011 @ 4:03pm ] by Darkademic

I've decided to start recruiting early for Guild Wars 2. Since the game looks so damn awesome (see my blog for more information), I want [DkR] to become a strongly competitive guild on it. We'll primarily focus on PvP, so we'll need a balanced core group of skilled players. At the moment we have 5 current members that are definitely going to be playing GW2, but I expect that to increase to maybe 8. I don't want to recruit just anyone; ideally I want a smallish guild of 20-30 decent players. It'll be quality over quantity, unless the guild system rewards having a large number of members significantly more than having a smaller number.

I've revamped the site to make it compatible with Guild Wars 2. The main change is the ability to add "identities", which for Guild Wars 2 means characters. Members can add multiple characters and then when they sign up to events they can sign up with a specific character. If any current members know for sure what class they'll be playing as their main then… continue reading

Rift & Guild Wars 2

[ Mon 28th Feb, 2011 @ 2:25pm ] by Darkademic

[DkR] is finally returning, firstly as a Rift guild, currently being led by Phuse, and down the line as a Guild Wars 2 guild (which will become the main focus). Phuse is currently recruiting members on the Cloudborne server (Defiant). I intend to make changes to the site to make it more MMO applicable (I previously made it so that members could list their characters, so I might do something along those lines).

We also have a new mumble server up. It's currently 50 slot which should be enough for now.

Hopefully the Rift guild will be successful, but it really depends on whether Rift itself is successful. If it's anything like Warhammer Online we may lose all our members very quickly if there's a mass exodus from the game.

We'll also be making our presence felt in Diablo 3 when it's released, which many believe will be late this year.

No FPS activity for the time being.